We kicked off Wildcard
the old-fashioned way: a bona fide contest. 

To participate in the Galileo Games, Myriad folks submitted their ideas with a written proposal and 5 minute pitch.

The ideas ranged from interactive video, to a historical documentary of pizza, and an app focused on personal finance goals. 

 Daniel pitching Americana Loops, AKA "that music thing."

Daniel pitching Americana Loops, AKA "that music thing."


Our ultimate winners: 

  • Humble Health
    an employee engagement platform focused on nutrition in the workplace
  • Judy Ray: Racing is in her DNA
    the unique story of a 71 year old grandma, who happens to be one of Texas' best Formula One Racers
  • Rando Book
    a creative brainstorming book we've been working on since 2015


Though we’ll always be experimenting and learning, Wildcard projects must work towards Myriad’s goal of income diversification. But we help with that part, so you can focus on the cool shit.